Lotus Vine Journeys have taken extreme care to select the most genuine & powerful Shipibo healers for our retreats.

Our carefully selected Maestros have worked professionally and personally with the founder and the facilitators for long periods of time. We trust our wonderful Maestro implicitly.

When not committed with us at Lotus Vine Journeys, both have ongoing employment at another highly reputable Peruvian Ayahuasca retreat organization. A number of our previous guests, having experienced the care, support & healing of our Maestros during our retreats, feel a deep calling to work more personally with them after the conclusion of their retreat by dieting with them in their local villages and having them as their personal teachers on this beautiful path.


Maestro Diogenes

Maestro Diogenes, 53, is from the Garcia family, one of the co-founding families of Santa Rosa de Dinamarca. He has a profound love of music and uses his musical abilities to heal and guide in ceremonies, in a loving and compassionate way. He believes that it is now time for plant medicines and teachers, including Ayahuasca, to be shared with the world. His eagerness and enthusiasm to share and heal, along with his caring nature, make him an involved curandero and teacher. Maestro

Diogenes came to plant medicines as a healer later in life, after his son fell ill and was cured by a local curandero. Since then, he has devoted his life to healing and teaching through plants and ikaros. Prior to becoming a curandero, he was a fisherman and a musician. These life experiences – his connection to the land and to music – has contributed to his effectiveness as a maestro. He  has been working with plants for over 25 years, carrying out his first dieta at the age of 25, and has since dieted a plethora of master plants.

Maestro Diogenes is a well-respected maestro, not only in his village but also in the plant medicine community, having previously worked at Temple of the Way of Light and other reputable organizations from all over the world for over 15 years.