Welcome to Peru!

Our chosen retreat location is on the very edge of the Amazon basin, so its readily accessible and convenient to travelers.

This page has all the information you need for your journey, taking you right to your room at our beautiful retreat eco-lodge in Tarapoto, Peru.

Shipibo Ayahuasca ceremony calls to people from all continents, so its impossible for us to package flights into our retreats. If you can get yourself to our meeting point in Tarapoto before 3:00pm on the start day of your retreat, you can leave the rest up to us.

getting to our retreat - the quick rundown!

  1. International flight to Lima, Peru - Flights go through the Capital Lima. You can either stopover or continue straight to Tarapoto. Most of our guests continue the onward journey and come back to Lima on their way home. Either way you will usually have to go through customs and re-check in your bags at the domestic section of the airport.

  2. Lima to Tarapoto - Domestic flights to Tarapoto leave regularly so providing you arrive at Lima during day or early evening getting a good connection should not be a problem. Its a short and reasonably inexpensive flight over the spectacular Andes. In approximately 1 hour of stunning scenery, your landing in Tarapoto.

  3. Tarapoto Airport to Tucan Suites Hotel (meeting lounge) - The Tucan Suites is where we ask you to assemble for your retreat. Its a hotel in downtown Tarapoto and is super easy to get there. When you get of the plane in Tarapoto grab your bag, head out the door and jump into a motortaxi ... give the driver 10 Soles ($3 max) and tell him you want to go to the Tucan Suites Aparthotel (its a little over a 10 minute ride).

    Now its time to chill in the lounge, chat with other arriving retreat guests, enjoy a fresh juice or a snack. Its complements of us because from here on we take care of the rest.

  4. Tucan Suites Hotel to PumaRinri Amazon Lodge (retreat location) We have a pickup scheduled for 2:00pm on the opening day of your retreat.

PumaRinri Amazon Lodge

1. international flights TO PERU (LIMA)

Unless you’re traveling overland through South America, you’ll need to fly to reach Peru!

Although prices vary depending on the time of year, how far in advance you buy and the type of ticket, the main airlines seem to hold fares fairly steady and tickets can easily be bought online. Outside of Christmas and to a lesser extent Easter, high season is roughly from late May to early October.

For a comparative analysis of flights and costs try inputting your route to Lima and then to Tarapoto on Skyscanner.

Here's the rundown of main international flight routes into Peru in South America.

Flights from the US & Canada

Nearly all flights to Peru from the US (be that LA, San Francisco or New York) go via cities such as Dallas, Miami, Houston or Atlanta. Delta, Continental and American airlines are the traditional carriers serving Peru from the US. A number of airlines fly Miami-to-Lima, including American, Copa and Latam; the fare is usually $1,000–1,500 return. Fares from either New York or San Francisco (via Miami) cost no more than fares from Miami.

Flights from Toronto straight to Lima start at about Can$900 with LAN; it costs around the same price when flying from Montréal via Toronto.

Flights from the UK

Due to no direct flights from the UK to Peru, getting there always involves switching planes somewhere in Europe or America. From Heathrow you can expect the journey to take anywhere between 16 and 22 hours, depending on the routing and stopovers. The permutations are endless, but the most common routes are via Amsterdam on KLM, via Madrid on Iberia, via Frankfurt on Lufthansa or via Miami, Atlanta, New York and Houston on one of the US airlines.

Fares (usually £750–£1,200) vary almost as much as route options, and the closer to departure you buy, the higher the price is likely to be, so it is worth booking in advance.

Flights from Australia, New Zealand & South Africa

Scheduled flights to Peru from Australia and New Zealand are rather limited and tend to involve changing planes, usually in the US. High season is December to February; low season is the rest of the year, but prices also vary depending on how long you stay (between a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of a year).

Aerolineas Argentinas fly from Sydney via Auckland and Buenos Aires, with connecting flights to Lima; fares start at Aus$1,875. LAN, in combination with Delta and Air Canada, and Qantas also also fly from Sydney to Lima via the US or Santiago, Chile;  with 45-day returns starting at around Aus$2,450. Continental and American airlines fly regularly from Melbourne via Sydney, Auckland and the US, Air New Zealand fly to LA from Auckland and Wellington but have no specific connections to Peru. Round-the-world tickets including Peru are usually a good investment.

All flights from South Africa to Lima involve making connecting flights. South African Airways fly to Lima from Johannesburg, with a changeover in either Buenos Aires (ZAR12,000–15,000) or Sao Paulo (ZAR11,000–16,000) and also fly from Cape Town via the US.

Miraflores District, Lima. Courtesy: Jorge Millina

Miraflores District, Lima. Courtesy: Jorge Millina

If you want to stay in Lima, the better downtown areas – Miraflores, San Isidro, Barranco – or even the old Lima Centroare, are about a 35 to 55 minute taxi / bus ride from the airport. Expect a private taxi to downtown Lima and the coastal regions to set you back around S/55–S/65 (or about US $35).

Lima is a city of 8.5 million, it is the best place to try the wonderful Peruvian cuisine, which has a huge variety of ingredients from coast, mountain and Amazon regions.

For more information about Peru's capital, click here.

2. domestic flight - lima to tarapoto

CONNECTIONS to tarapoto

Most retreat guests arriving at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima choose to connect their flights straight to Tarapoto, the home of our Ayahuasca retreats complements of our hosts at the PumaRinri Amazon Lodge.

Tarapoto is easily accessible from Lima, only a little over an hours flight away. These flights vary from about US $150 return to US $200 depending on the airline and how far out you book. The best thing about Tarapoto is the regularity of flights leaving and returning daily from Lima. On any given day there is, one average, around one flight leaving every hour throughout.

Carriers operating to and from Tarapoto include:


When booking your international flight into Peru, its important to keep in mind the time of your connecting flight to Tarapoto. There is no one flight we recommend, nor airline.

If you are planning to arrive on the day of the retreat, ensure your departing flight leaves Lima before 12:30pm-1:00pm. If this is not possible, you will have to decide to either spend a night in Lima or a night in Tarapoto.

There is a good reason for this ... the river / jungle location of our retreat is about a 40 minutess drive out of Tarapoto. Due to often unpredictable and irregular weather impacts on the road leading out to the retreat, it is safest to travel to the PumaRinri Amazon Lodge during daylight hours only. As such, on the day the retreat starts, guests are picked up throughout the day from a hotel located in downtown Tarapoto called the Tucan Suites Aparthotel. It is managed by the same owners as the PumaRinri Amazon Lodge.

3. Mototaxi - tarapoto airport to tucan suites

When you arrive in Tarapoto you will need to grab a mototaxi (a bit like a open air tuk tuk). A mototaxi will cost no more than 10 Soles (US $3 dollars) to reach your final destination, the Tucan Suites Aparthotel.

Address: 1º de Abril 315 - La Banda de Shilcayo, Tarapoto - San Martín
+51 994547606 (phone) +51 42 528383 (24 hr desk) info@tucansuites.com


Tucan Suites is under the sane ownership as the PumaRinri Amazon Lodge where we host our retreats, so you can be assured that your reception there will be expected and a warm one.

Depending on your arrival time, on the start date of the retreat we will arrange for a van to come and ferry you 40minutes to the retreat location. Our pick up time is 2:00pm. The welcome meeting starts at 5:00pm and our opening dinner kicks off at 6:30pm. 

4. lotus vine van - tucan suites to retreat

tarapoto to pumarunri.PNG

Its a 40 minute trip in our van following the Huallaga River down towards the our retreat location ... the final thread of civilization before you open into the Amazon basin beyond. Welcome to the home of Lotus Vine Retreats!

Huallaga River

further travels

The final day of the retreat is one of goodbyes. After breakfast and final packing, all guests depart the Amazonian lodge at different times throughout the morning. Some choose to stay on and enjoy the resort and nearby attractions, but most choose to return home or continue on with their travels.

Guided Tour

Lotus Vine Journeys will either drop you off at the airport or back at the Tucan Suites Aparthotel after 11:00am on the final day. It is common for those departing later in the day to meet in downtown Tarapoto for a group lunch and head to the airport when their flight is departing. A good time to depart is anytime after lunch around 1-4pm, depending on your onward journey. If you need to depart early (before 10:00am) on this final day transport can be arranged for you to the airport for a small fee.

We have found that several group members will typically head into Lima for the night and/or onto Cusco for further adventures. This highlands region of the Andes is famous for its ancient ruins, hikes to Machu Picchu and of course being the home of another revered sacred plant medicine ... San Pedro! If you would like to try San Pedro on your onward journey, please let us know and we will put you in touch with some reputable Andes shamanic practitioners.