our vision

the commitment to you

It is well documented that an individual lotus flower can live for a thousand years and that the unfolding petals when blooming represents the awakening of the heart. We named our organization Lotus Vine Journeys because to attend one of our retreats is to journey into the depths of the human heart. It’s through awakening the heart that we reclaim our humanity, integrity and compassion. The time has come and we need to learn how to open ourselves fully, become radically present and meet the brave warrior who lies within. Each of us, in our own way, has to discover what it means to be a human being, alive and walking with dignity on this earth.

We each need to learn how to love and be loved, how to forgive and to care for one another compassionately. In the Buddhist tradition we call this profound awakening, discovering the jewel in the heart of the lotus. Humanity is beginning to make this radical shift in consciousness and our retreats are designed to support this unfolding. Transformation is never easy but within a loving community we can all move forward together. The real journey is always the inner one and in truth, it’s always the return to love. The highest vision we hold for Lotus Vine Journeys is to help you free your heart and to remember who you truly are.

To provide a safe and nurturing retreat environment so that our guests can comfortably experience the healing powers of Ayahuasca in its traditional Amazonian setting, while exploring the ancient wisdom of the Buddhist philosophy. We provide a loving and dedicated team of staff so that each guest can receive an accelerated spiritual, emotional, mental and physical cleanse of their entire system. The core of our work is deeply healing, transformative and life changing.


Two traditions - FORGING A NEW PATH

At Lotus Vine journeys we offer each guest a very unique retreat experience because we blend ancient shamanic practices with contemporary dharma teachings and Buddhist based psychology.  Our number one goal is to provide you with a safe and nurturing retreat environment so that you can comfortably experience the healing powers of Ayahuasca within a traditional Amazonian setting. Our second goal is to provide you with the lasting tools to support you in your long-term integration process and your spiritual path going forward.

After many years of integration we have found that the best tools that we can offer our guest are, mindfulness based meditation practices, yoga and teachings on wisdom and compassion. We believe that this blended path represents the fastest way to help free ourselves from the constant suffering brought on by our confusion, unrelenting cravings and aversions. Through years of practice we have discovered that by combining both plant spirit medicine with Buddhist based philosophy that we can actually accelerate our own awakening process and shift in consciousness.

It is the teachings of the Buddha that provides Lotus Vine Journeys with the ethical grounding and overall framework for each retreat. Both the founders and the facilitators have years of experience with Buddhist based principles and teaching meditation. Each retreat includes daily meditation classes along with the highest quality teachings to support you during your stay with us. We at Lotus Vine Journeys are practicing Bodhisattvas dedicated to the healing of all beings and our world.



Our retreats are open to all people of the world regardless of their faith. Our mission is to lovingly serve all those who are genuinely seeking to reconnect with the highest part of themselves. Some refer to this higher part as; the inner Light, Source, Universal Intelligence, Christ Consciousness, Allah and Buddha nature, we simply call it love.

Unconditional love is the highest form of light energy and its healing power is unsurpassed. Reconnecting and realigning with this energy through mother earth is the common goal of many ancient shamanic cultures. It’s our mistaken view of being separate from this that has created mass confusion and is at the very root of humanities suffering. It is our strong belief that Ayahuasca is not only a magnificent healer but shows us how to awaken to our true selves. Through the medicine we are able to re-remember our Divine nature and our Oneness with all of creation. Through working with the healing energies of Ayahuasca and the plant spirits, we are able to support our guests through the deep process of re-membering and awakening to their true purpose in life. We reclaim ancient knowledge and then are able to take this wisdom back to aid us in manifesting a beautiful and harmonious existence with all things. This reconnection is deeply healing, transformative and life changing.