Lotus Vine Journeys offer an immersive
Yoga, Meditation, and Healing Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru in the most
authentic, professional & comfortable environment available.

Lotus Vine Journeys represents a fusion of two powerful ancient traditions... the Buddhist Lotus and the Ayahuasca Vine. By combining plant spirit medicine with heart-centered meditation practices, we believe our retreats offer the fastest way to accelerated learnings and re-remembering who you truly are.

Through our powerful maestros, our guests are exposed to the wonders of Ayahuasca ceremony in its traditional Amazonian setting. Our loving and dedicated team of qualified meditation teachers and experienced facilitators are there to help you ... to provide meaning, and enable you to process and integrate these life transforming experiences.

 Our ayahuasca retreats are intensive, usually 14 days long (with 6 powerful ceremonies), and are specifically designed for those seeking a deep trans-formative experience.

We do our utmost to ensure that all aspects of your personal comfort, your safety, daily itinerary, your diet and as many environmental influences that we can control ... are all balanced in an optimal way for such a transformative journey within.

We do not have our own dedicated retreat center, rather we host our retreats at a luxurious Amazonian Eco-Lodge in Tarapoto, Peru.  Only one hour from Lima by plane, this tried and tested location provides unsurpassed levels of comfort for a jungle Ayahuasca retreat experience, in an area of true ecological and geographical beauty.

We must always remember that we are not here to perfect ourselves we are here to perfect our love and those are two very different paths.
— Spring Washam - Founder

If you are interested in visiting Lotus Vine Journeys, please check out this video featuring our retreat center in Tarapoto, Peru.


Choosing where and with whom to undertake an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru can be a difficult decision.
We want to outline
four fundamental areas that were decisively important to us when founding Lotus Vine Journeys... We work hard to stand by them and continually improve.


Our retreat programs, of 14 days with six ceremonies, is generally considered to be a lot of medicine for a short period of time. They are designed for those who want to 'do the work' and take every opportunity the plants afford for deep transformation. As such, we put great care into your daily itinerary and retreat schedule. Practiced over years of experience, we intertwine the intensity of ceremony with the need to rest; to explore; to stretch; to admire; to be; to process; to sing and to integrate. Our ayahuasca retreats can be extremely transformative, and we know that such work also requires the need to experience stillness and solitude.

2. insight (body awareness) meditation

By combining plant spirit medicine with heart-centered, body awareness meditation practices (known as Vipassana in the Buddhist tradition), we are better able to support our guests in receiving an accelerated spiritual, emotional, mental and physical cleanse of their entire system. Regardless of faith, we have found that Buddhist psychology and practicing of these techniques throughout your Ayahuasca retreat assist greatly with the reconnecting and realignment with "source"  ... the common goal of many ancient Shamanic traditions.

3. food & diet (VEGETARIAN/VEGAN)

According to the Shipibo, there is a time-honored tradition of following a special diet to prepare oneself for the healing energies of Ayahuasca. There is a discipline and commitment that is called upon. Lotus Vine Journeys places an enormous emphasis on providing you with a fresh, delicious, nutritional and comforting selection of foods (both raw and cooked) that adheres to this discipline from an exclusively plant-based perspective (with the exception of eggs for breakfast). We have passionately instilled in the cooks at our chosen lodge a great pride in providing you with foods that open the potential of your journey inwards during your Ayahuasca retreat here in Peru. 

4. comfort and surroundings

The great majority of Ayahuasca retreats in Peru are located deep in the jungle lowlands of the Amazon Basin at purpose-built Ayahuasca camps. We choose to host our retreats at a restful, safe and secluded Amazon Lodge in Tarapoto, Peru. Here you are lifted out of the basin to the narrow band of cloud rainforest that flow into the Amazon. This accessible and extraordinarily bio-diverse region offers many things the basin does not ... stunning views, waterfalls, refreshing breezes and colorful sunsets. In addition to this, our lodge is connected by a road to Tarapoto. As such we can offer you those little luxuries more typical of a hotel environment ... wifi, reliable hot water showers, electricity (lights and fans), room service, large comfortable beds along with various pool and lounge facilities. 



14 day Retreats (6 ceremonies): US $2,980 per person

We can accommodate all room requirements for couples, those traveling with friends, groups and those journeying alone.

2020 Dates

May (14 days): Saturday 9 May – Friday 22, 2020 (spots available)

June (14 days): Saturday 6 June – Friday 19, 2020 (spots available)

July (14 days): Saturday 4 July – Friday 17, 2020 (spots available)

September (14 days): Friday 11 September – Thursday 24, 2020 (spots available)

October (14 days): Saturday 17 October – Friday 30, 2020 (spots available)



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