Adhering to the time-honored tradition of following a special diet prepares the body, mind and soul to receive the healing energies of Ayahuasca.


Dietary Information

A test of discipline and commitment, adhering to a strict diet shows the spirit of Ayahuasca the seriousness of your intention. The central aspects of the diet that Lotus Vine Journeys insists upon is common to the teachings of all the Ayahuasquero/as across the Peruvian Amazon. In the case of some of the food restrictions, there is also definitive scientific evidence that they are essential for safety. We advise you to begin the diet at least 2 weeks before our retreat and to continue the diet for at least 2 weeks after the last ceremony. It is essential to continue the diet to ensure the Icaros you have received and any possible plant remedies you are prescribed are given sufficient time to integrate.

The food prepared at our retreats by the fantastic staff at the PumaRunri Amazon Lodge provide you with a delicious, healthy and plentiful diet, while still adhering to the essential restrictions required when undertaking Ayahuasca ceremony. Whilst some aspects of white meat are allowed under a traditional Ayahuasca diet, Lotus Vine Retreats is of the strong opinion that in a diet of predominately vegan based foods (with the exception of eggs cooked to your liking for breakfast) will achieve the best results.

Abstain from the following at least two weeks prior to, during, and for two weeks after a workshop:

  • Salt, pepper, and spicy seasonings (recommended to have a very small intake of salt every 5 days)

  • Sugar and sweets

  • Cacao, cocoa, and chocolate

  • Pork and red meat

  • Smoked and aged fish

  • Oils and fats (OK to use sparingly)

  • Fizzy drinks (including diet sodas)

  • Hot peppers

  • Ice, ice cream, or ice cold drink

  • Dairy, including cheese

  • Overripe, bruised, and dried fruit

  • Miso, and soups made with bouillon or stock cubes

  • Vinegar, sauerkraut, and other pickled foods

  • Tofu, soy sauce, and other fermented foods

  • Canned foods

  • Protein extracts, powdered protein supplements and shakes

  • Yeast and yeast extracts

  • Caffeine & Alcohol

Additional restrictions:

  • No recreational drugs, including synthetic, semi-synthetic, or psychedelic (We require that you devote your whole energy to working with Ayahuasca. This includes cannabis in all forms.

  • Some prescription drugs are restricted (please let us know if you are currently taking any medication, especially antidepressants or antibiotics, as you fill out the medical questionnaire during booking).

  • No sexual activities of any kind, including masturbation.

  • Avoidance of synthetic soaps, perfumes, toiletries, etc.

  • For those in industrialized countries, a modern dieta would include a fast from television, radio, mass media, and advertising.

  • Women in the first three days of their menstruation traditionally do not participate in ceremony. (This is not rooted in any disrespect for the feminine only that the energy is very strong at this time and the body is already in a natural cycle of cleansing.

  • Ayahuasca is not compatible with pregnancy.

By eliminating the above from your diet, you will prepare your body physically for the Ayahuasca journey, and perhaps also reducing the amount of “purging” needed to clean your physical body. In addition to the physical aspects, by showing your commitment and determination to Ayahuasca and the master plants, you are creating the foundations of your relationship with them and offering them the respect, which is essential for this work.