Ayahuasca is a traditional Amazonian medicine, a powerful spirit doctor, and part of an ancient system of healthcare... a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cleanse.

The profound benefit of using traditional Amazonian medicine is becoming well documented throughout the world. It offers humanity new solutions to healing illness and disorders that typically cannot be treated by conventional western medicine any longer. There is a global epidemic of people suffering from psycho-emotional illnesses that modern healthcare systems are not able to address as well as an ever increasing number of people yearning for ‘something more’ in life. Ayahuasca is a powerful spirit doctor who is reaching out across the globe to offer us help. The medicine returns us to our natural state, a state of joy and happiness.


Cleansing: The Four Aspects of the Human System

A key component of the Ayahuasca experience is the process of cleansing through shedding our layers and letting go of everything that’s weighing us down. Purification and cleansing of mind, body, and spirit in a shamanic ceremony can be the beginning of a process of profound spiritual discovery and transformation.  By releasing the old, heavy, dark and negative energies that we each carry we begin to experience the light, love and compassion that surrounds us. At Lotus Vine Journeys we provide a loving and dedicated team of staff so that each guest can receive an accelerated physical, mental, emotional, and vibrational cleanse of their entire system.

1. Physical Cleansing

Within the Ayahuasca ceremony a complete cleansing of the physical body is an essential preparation for the new level of emerging consciousness. A big part of the work that Ayahuasca does is to help us rid our bodies of all the toxins that are making us ill. Another name for Ayahuasca is called, “La Purga” which literally means to purge. Over the course of a human life span we each end up consuming enormous amounts of toxins. From the air we breathe, to the water we drink and the foods we consume each of us is knowingly or unknowingly ingesting toxic material constantly. This is primarily due to the western pharmaceutical culture, drugs, GMO food and constant exposure to everyday products that are chemically based. Over time this accumulation takes a very heavy toll on our bodies. Our sophisticated immune systems become overworked and various forms of sickness and disease slowly manifest. Our bodies are alive, energetic systems that are ceaselessly responsive to our environment and what is being consumed within that environment. A complete detox of the body to remove the accumulation of toxic energy is also the key to eradicating all the seeds of disease, suffering and illness.

Another aspect of the physical cleansing process is the removal of blockages within the body due to the physical traumas we have experienced throughout our lives. Examples of this include; physical abuse, sexual abuse, surgeries, assaults, accidents, our own birth process and any other experiences where the body was hurt or injured. We experience these blockages as chronic pain, knots, muscle spasms and other related systems. These blockages create suffering in the body as well as the mind. These experiences can range from mild to severe but each experience can leave an energetic blockage that must be healed and removed in order for us to regain our optimal health and vitality.

2. Mental Cleansing

More and more as a culture we are learning how our thoughts and beliefs affect our overall mental and physical well-being. From the Far East masters to modern day neuroscience the link between the mind and body is becoming undeniable. We are what we think and our personal beliefs and biography literally becomes our inner biology. Prolonged patterns of negative thinking are the fuel for chronic depression and anxiety disorders, all of which have reached epidemic proportion in the west. Our distorted views and opinions about ourselves can and does create a very toxic environment within the heart and the mind. All of our destructive mental habits arise when we work with Ayahuasca and our minds go through a very powerful cleansing process. As we get to the root of unhealthy patterns of thinking, buried memories, unconscious thoughts and hidden issues reveal themselves so that we can face them and let them go. With the help of the medicine and our daily emphasis on mindfulness and meditation we learn step by step how to transform the damaging mental patterns into healthy ones.

3. Emotional Cleansing

Learning how to skilfully work with our emotional landscape is an art and it takes time to develop genuine emotional intelligence. Many people are seeking out Ayahuasca to help them deal with the difficult emotions that have taken over their lives. Emotions such as fear, grief, rage, loss, jealousy, greed and a very deep sense of emptiness and death have become common experiences for many people. Those emotions coupled with a deep longing to be free or to find meaning can make life feel like a painful experience. The willingness to come face to face with our emotions is a big part of the journey within. To unlock the emotions that we have spent a lifetime suppressing or acting out all must be felt and understood with compassion. During your Journey with Lotus Vine, emotional cleansing and purification are a welcomed part of the purification process. In order to fully open and become as present as a Buddha we must be willing to feel and let go.

4. Vibrational cleansing

In essence everything is made up of energy and overtime we learn to cultivate it and balance it. “Chi” is a Taoist word translated as, “intrinsic life energy”. Plant based medicines work not only on the physical and mental levels but also very deeply on this life energy or vibrational level. In addition to having a human body we also have a light body or astral body that over time can become damaged. Negative things can get lodged in our energetic systems resulting in energetic imbalances. These imbalances often become the cause of our mental suffering and dis-ease with life. A traumatic experience of any kind leaves behind an energetic imprint that overtime builds into a heavy residue on the vibrational level. We can experience this as an energetic tear or a strong sense of our energy being blocked or constricted in some part of the body. Similar to the practices of health and longevity developed in Taoist and Buddhist environments, with the help of Ayahuasca we can heal and discover for ourselves the principles of natural balance. Being in harmony with nature and ourselves we become the calmness and relaxation we seek.